Franko Spero

"High energy chill"

Genres: Smooth Jazz, Funk, Soul


"Franko Spero" is the brainchild of composer/producer Frank Hestness, born, raised and still living in Stavanger, Norway. 

Franko’s life always was and still is about music one way or the other, both listening and producing.

Franko grew up playing the guitar, bass and later turned to the keys. Franko always had an interest in music technology and was an early adoptor of computer based music production. 

Franko is influenced from a variety of musical styles within the genres of soul, funk and fusion during the 80s and 90s reaching from producers like Nick Martinelli and Jam/Lewis to bands like Shakatak and Mezzoforte. The later years learned Franko to make a dive into the world of jazz to discover and understand more of the origin and the roots to so much of the music he was already familiar to. 

With special attention to the modern smooth jazz scene including artists like Brian Culbertson and Steve Cole, just to mention a few, the idea to release his own music was seeded, watered and started to grow. 

Using both his musical inspiration and passion for music technology, Franko Spero has created a unique blend of elements from smooth jazz, funk and soul. 




Release date: 11th January 2024

Produced by Franko Spero for FH-Music ™ ©

All tracks composed, performed and recorded/sequenced by Franko Spero in the FH-Music Room in Stavanger, Norway

Mixed by Espen Eidem at Komet Lydstudio, Stavanger, Norway
Mastered by Steven Grant Bishop, Stavanger, Norway